Question on Scope: 8-byte vs 2-byte LUNs

Fri Apr 10 09:03:31 PDT 1998

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Obviously, I agree with George Penokie about recommending that application
clients restrict usage the REPORT LUNS command to target:LUN=0 devices.
As a representative of Symbios products, I would have to disagree with 
George Ericson regarding blanket denial of direct access to LUs that have 
been aggregated into some other LU.

This leaves me observing that no industry consensus exists regarding what
commands array devices should pass through and what data array devices should
report for the REPORT LUNS command.  Therefore, I would have to support
continuance of the status quo, wherein array devices can reject or pass
through commands as they see fit and report whatever parameter data on the
REPORT LUNS command that they consider appropriate.


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