Concerning CLEAR TASK SET and TST=001b

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It sounds like we should make the CLEAR TASK SET function into a CLEAR ALL
TASKS function. This would result in something that works the same as
currently defined for the TST=000 case. It also will not degenerate into
"identical" functionality between CLEAR TASK SET and ABORT TASK SET for the
TST=001 case (like it is documented now, according to Peter).

This doesn't mean we won't have the possibility that ABORT TASK SET may
again become identical in function with one of the other task management
function when we get around to defining other TST values, but I think this
change greatly reduces that possibility. We will have these 3 task
management functions:

(a) ABORT TASK will only remove one task, regardless of task set
(b) CLEAR ALL TASKS will remove all tasks, regardless of task set
(c) ABORT TASK SET will remove a variable number of tasks which is
dependent on task set definition.
    For TST=0, it aborts part of the 'task set"; for TST=1 it aborts all of
the "task set"; but actually
    aborts the same commands in each case (all commands for a particular

It is likely that ABORT TASK SET may change its boundaries with new task
set definitions and the addition of new task set definitions may create a
desire for a new ABORT SEVERAL TASK SETS function (which is a different
collection of tasks than ABORT TASK SET but still less than all tasks) but
we don't have to worry about that today.

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