Question on Scope: 8-byte vs 2-byte LUNs

Tue Apr 7 06:34:36 PDT 1998

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You've hit on the main point I would have brought up, if I'd been able
to type faster.  The output from the REPORT LUNS command cannot be used
as input to the applicable SCC commands that configure virutal units.

Now that you've worked through all of that, my only remaining issue
concerns recommendations for how application clients should use the
REPORT LUNS command.  When an application client sends a REPORT LUNS
command to a level other than the one it can address directly, the
application client runs the risk of "seeing" levels of the hierarchy
it cannot address.  My preference would be to suggest that the REPORT
LUNS command never be passed through to lower levels and/or that
application clients never sent REPORT LUNS commands to lower levels.

Since we now know that the REPORT PERIPHERAL DEVICE service action 
must be used for configuration purposes, there should be no need to
pass the REPORT LUNS command to lower levels.

What do you think?

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