Does TST == 001b break initiator software?

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Mon Apr 6 11:19:46 PDT 1998

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Charles wrote:
<<"Is there a way to perform the equivalent of  CLEAR TASK SET when
TST=001b?  If
not,  it seems to me that the correct change is to extend the function so
clears all tasks in all task sets belonging to the logical unit.  That
change is
guaranteed to work without affecting compatibility.">>

     The software I presume that is being referred to does not set

     But to answer the question, there are several ways. I assume the
preferred way is to use the cooperating initiators backdoor communication
path requesting that the other initiators issue ABORT TASK SET. I assume a
less preferred way would be to set TST back to 000b. I assume an even less
preferred way is to reset the LUN.

     If there are to be additional ways, my preference is that the proposal
come from a host that wishes to use TST set to 001b.


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