Does TST == 001b break initiator software?

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Fri Apr 3 13:55:10 PST 1998

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Maybe its just because I do the target end instead of the initiator end,
but why do you want to "OBSOLETE" anything? There certainly isn't any
advantage from the target end. Its easier for the target to "jump to the
ABORT TASK SET handling" when the CLEAR TASK SET is received instead of
complicating the system activity by "jumping to illegal/inappropriate
message handling" which may happen if you call the message "OBSOLETE".

The action required by the target is well defined in the standard and is
easy to do. The initiator can predict what should happen in the target
because it is well defined in the standard. Can't we just leave it like

We can't call the CLEAR TASK SET obsolete because it really does have a
different function when TST is not set to 001. If you are describing a
"profile" that assumes RBC command set you can mark CLEAR TASK SET as "not
recommended" or "redundant" but it certainly isn't obsolete. I would object
to calling this message obsolete.

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