Does TST == 001b break initiator software?

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OK, I hope I have your attention (that's you, host software developers).

I'd like some feedback...

As observed in an earlier message, when TST equals 001b both ABORT TASK SET
and CLEAR TASK SET produce the same results.

My concern is that any host software that issues CLEAR TASK SET is expecting
other initiator's tasks (for the same logical unit) to be aborted. When TST
equals 001b they won't be, because they are in separate task sets. Does this
result in unexpected behavior of the initiator/target system?

So, a few questions:

* When is CLEAR TASK SET used?

* Is CLEAR TASK SET only used when the targets support full SAM queuing?

* Does initiator software have to be revised to operate correctly with TST
equals 001b targets?

* If initiator software requires revision, is there any reason to use CLEAR
TASK SET instead of ABORT TASK SET when TST equals 001b?


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