Minutes of T10 Plenary meeting #23

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>>>Concerns were raised about the change in the definition of 'command 
>>>standard'.  Although correct, the wording chosen by ANSI did not have the 
>>>nuance desired by the committee.  Superior wording was proposed for SPC-2.
>> Well you certainly needed to be there. What is the superior wording?
>"Only the Shadow knows".  I guess this is a question for Ralph, a.k.a., 
>the Shadow.

Well!!! It's clear I can't talk and take minutes at the same time.  The
did not concern the 'command standard' definition at all.  The change shown
in 97-253 was acceptable to the group.

The problem was in clause 5.4 and concerned the following bullet entry:

    e) the LOGICAL UNIT RESET task management function removes reservations 
    established by the Reserve/Release method and removes all tasks for all 
    initiators for the addressed logical unit and any logical units depending 
    from it in a hierarchical addressing structure (see SAM).  Persistent 
    reservations remain unmodified; and

ANSI didn't like the phrase "... depending from ..."  Harvey Rosenfeld and 
I agreed to change it to "... descending from ...".  T10 didn't like that, 
because of the suggestion of superior and inferior logical units.  SPC-2 rev 0 
has "... issuing from ..."

As far as I know, SPC is beyond changing, unless somebody thinks this is
worth an errata.


P.S. John, while you're making r1 of the minutes ...
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