Minutes of T10 Plenary meeting #23

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Tue Sep 23 09:57:48 PDT 1997

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<<239)  Gene Milligan will communicate the T10 endorsement of the SC 25
      (Buzios/US) 35 recommendation regarding the JTC 1 re-engineering to the
      JTC 1 TAG. Carryover
240)  Gene Milligan will communicate the T10 endorsement of his personal
      recommendations on JTC 1 N 4787 and JTC 1 N 4785 to the JTC 1 TAG.

 I presume these were marked carryover since I was unable to attend the 
plenary. However they were both completed shortly after the prior plenary 
meeting (#22). I think the Chair was copied on the communications (but there 
are too many communications for instant recall).

<<Bill Dallas reported that revision 3 of CAM-3 will be available by the time of
the next meeting. >>

 Was revision 2 ever distributed? The prior T10 Project Status Summary 7/8/97 
shows Revision 1 as the current document.

<<Concerns were raised about the change in
the definition of 'command standard'.  Although correct, the wording chosen by
ANSI did not have the nuance desired by the committee.  Superior wording was
proposed for SPC-2.>>

 Well you certainly needed to be there. What is the superior wording?

<<No formal review of these annexes is scheduled until SBP-2 is balloted for
   first public review. The editor welcomes informal review at
   pjohansson at aol.com.>>

 In terms of T10 procedures and agenda what does this mean? Does it have to do 
with a dress code?

<<In the absence of the IR, ISO business was deferred to the November meeting.>>

 Apparently in the written report he provided, the absent IR neglected to 
mention there was no T10 related ISO business to conduct at this meeting

<<SPI-2 Edit     Oct 14 (Tue)       Colorado Springs / Symbios Logic>>

 I presume this is still to be available by teleconference.


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