DISKBOYS meeting: Oct 7, 1997

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Mon Sep 22 05:50:36 PDT 1997

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The next scheduled Diskboys meetings are at to be held at Silicon Systems
in Tustin, California.  I recommend using the John Wayne/Orange County
airport which is about 5 miles away.  Los Angeles (LAX) is about an hour
if not in traffic....

Many hotels are available.  The Hyatt, Irvine on Main Street.  There are
Embassy Suites (Main St or Dyer Rd, though Main is closer).  There are
others in the area, just have your travel agent book a hotel near the

The airport is fronted by MacArthur Blvd.  Exit the airport there and turn
left (heading north).  Go over the freeway and turn right (east) on Main
The hotels on Main are located alone this road.

Continue to Jamboree and turn left on Jamboree (north) to head towards
Silicon Systems.  Continue and continue.  Eventually you will see the
Inter State 5 ahead of you.  JUST BEFORE I5, turn left on Michelle.
(Those of you who may have been to the Silicon Systems facilities
before please note that Walnut Ave, where you are used to turning
is CLOSED for construction!)

Once on Michelle, go one block to the stop sign and turn left on Myford Rd.
Go down Michelle.  Watch for Silicon Systems on the right.  When you see
them turn into the lot.  There are two buildings here, a one story and a
story.  Go to the two story building, and enter the front door.  Say
"I'm a Diskboy" (or Diskgal, if appropriate).

If you get lost, call me at 714 573-6808.  If I don't answer, press 0 and
can help you out.

The meeting is scheduled for 9 AM to 5 PM, but the room is available all

See you all there!

steve finch

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