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As discussed at the STA Technical meeting last week, Symbios Logic plans to
host a meeting on Wednesday, October 15th in or near the Denver Airport to
discuss creating a specification for a standard container / canister /
wrapper / sled for SCSI storage devices.

This initial meeting will be one day and our intention is to arrange it so
that most people can fly in and out on the same day (10am -- 5pm).  We need
a head count to make sure we get a room big enough to fit everyone

  >> Please respond to me by October 1st if you think you will attend. <<

Meeting details will follow to those who respond.

Standardize a storage container capable of being used in a broad variety of
storage peripherals (priority being disk drives) in order to lower the cost
and increase the opportunity for SCSI storage component suppliers.

The markets targeted for these std volume canisters are: Standard High
Volume Server, mid Range Servers, entry level servers (perhaps not all the
way to the bottom of this market) and the performance Workstation market
(Pat McGarrah plans to give us some marketing data to allow us to get more
specific here.)

The specification should be consist of, but not be limited to, the
following issues:

Form factor, power, cost, mating schemes, power limits, 3V, 5V 12V?,
enclosure management schemes, etc.



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