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Out of Nashua's Wednesday meeting of disk boys, MMC-ites, SBP-2-oids and
SCSI-philes came some important agreements:

 * Create a new SCSI-3 peripheral device type, Reduced Block Commands (RBC)

 * Modify SPC-2 to expand optionality (this to support reduced command set

I've attempted to capture what was agreed in the way of SPC-2 changes and
have placed the results into 97-256r0.pdf on the FTP site,

Although the proposal bears my name, it is intended to represent what was
agreed in the meeting. It is a first draft and can doubtless stand some
editorial improvement in Ralph Weber's hands. Please provide technical
feedback as well.

The document will be on the agenda for discussion at the October 7 ad hoc
working group in Irvine, CA. Next we hope to complete discussions in the
SCSI-3 working group in Palm Springs, CA, and make a recommendation to the

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