Minutes of SBP-2/SBP-2 Device Attach meeting

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Tue Sep 16 12:06:34 PDT 1997

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T10 SBP-2 working group
SBP-2 Device Attachment


Jack Hollins		Adaptec
Debkumar De		AMI
Aashutosh Joshi		AMI
Jeff Wolford		Compaq
Peter Johansson		Congruent
Dan Colegrove		IBM
Darrell Redford		Iomega
Gary Brandvold		Maxtor
Pete McLean		Maxtor
John Fuller		Microsoft
Randy Hines		Philips
Mark Evans		Quantum
Mike Bryan		Seagate
Anthony Fung		SGS-Thomsom
Jim Msu			SGS-Thomson
Dave Evans 		Symbios
Bryce Leach		TI
Jonathan Hanmann	WD

Pete McLean called the meeting to order at 9:00 AM.

Pete thanked Unitrode and Paul Aloisi for hosting the meeting.

Everyone introduced themselves.

Pete explained that the meeting was an authorized working group meeting of 
T10 and being held under 
NCITS rules.

The charter for the group was reviewed.

Minutes of the previous meeting [T10/97-233r0] were accepted as written.

Action items from the previous meeting were reviewed:
1. Peter Johansson - take modifications to stabalized portion of SBP-2 to 
T10 plenary. Carry-over.
2. Pete McLean - revise SBP-2 Device Attachment project proposal amd 
forward to T10. Completed.
3. Mike Bryan - new revision of SBP-2 Device Attachment with removable and 
CD/DVD annexes. Carry-
4. Pete McLean - insure that new device type be discussed at the joint 
SBP-2, MMC-2, SCSI-3 meeting. 
5. Peter Johansson - new revision of SBP-2. Completed.

Tailgate [T13/1248D]

Pete Mclean announced that T13 had adopted the working group 
recommendation that the Tailgate 
document [D1248r4] be letter ballotted for forwarding to NCITS. The letter 
ballot closes September 10.

SBP-2 [T10/1155D]

There was discussion about how to get the correct group of people to 
address isochronous issues. This is the 
area of SBP-2 that is weakest.
Action - Pete McLean - to address issue in joint meeting on Wednesday.

Printer people want to add another ORB that will have a bi-directional 
pipe. Peter Johansson agreed  to 
make up a proposal for this and will add an example with the proposal. 
Peter will bring the proposed 
document to the Oct. 7th meeting.

Power up issues - Jeff Wolford stated that Device Bay has decided to allow 
no power state changes by 
anyone other than the logged in device with correct password. No 
additional power may be used prior to 
successful login. After some discussion it was concluded that this need 
not be addressed in SBP-2 as it will 
be delt with in the Device Bay specification.

Page by page review of the annexes in SBP-2 including the new annexes from 
STS and clauses 6 through 
10 was held. Numerous editorial changes were agreed to and Peter Johansson 
will turn a new revision 
reflecting these changes. At this time all of SBP-2 except clauses 11 and 
12 have undergone editorial 

SBP-2 Device Attachment

The draft project proposal for the document prepared by Pete McLean was 
reviewed and accepted.

The body of the document, annex A, and a portion of the removable media 
annex were reviewed. Two 
issues were raised:
1. Are power mode timers required? Jeff Wolford and John Fuller will 
investigate this and report back at 
the next meeting.
2. Is SMART status polled? Jeff Wolford and Tom Lenny will investigate 
this and report back at the next 

SBP-2/MMC-2/SCSI-3 joint meeting

The group agreed on four issues to be addressed at the Wednesday joint 
1. New device type for devices implementing command set.
2. Proposal to make modifications to SPC-2 to allow SBP-2 devices to be 
3. Ability to document all commands other than those in SPC-2 in the SBP-2 
Device Attachment document.
4. Invite input on SBP-2 isochronous sections.

New action items

1. Mike Bryan - new rev of SBP-2 Device Attachment
2. Peter Johansson - bidirectional ORB proposal for printers.
3. Peter Johansson - new rev of SBP-2.
4. Jeff Wolford/John Fuller - feedback on power mode timers.
5. Jeff Wolford/Tom Lenny - feedback on SMART polling.

Pete Mclean made the customary call for patents. There were no responses.

Meeting schedule:
October 7 - Irvine, CA - hosted by SSI.
November 3-4 - Palm Springs, CA - hosted by Adaptec

The meeting was adjourned.

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