SBP-2 Annex C possible problem?

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<<I'm doing an implementation and I have a question regarding Annex C, the
Sample configuration ROM. I think the high word of the 6th quadlet which
contains the first quadlet of the root directory should be 3 and not 4?>>

You are right, Wink; the inconsistency will be corrected in Revision 2g of
SBP-2, which will be on the T10 FTP site next week.

<<Should I use this list or is there another list where implementors can
exchange information?>>

You can use the list, but keep in mind a) Annex C is informative (just an
example---you should rely on ISO/IEC 13213:1994, SBP-2 section 7 and your own
common sense) and b) SBP-2 is still a draft standard and not all the
typographical errors have been caught.

By the way, SBP-2 is under development by technical committee T10. That group
uses the T10 at reflector for communications---including
announcements of new drafts, etc. If you have more questions in the future,
you'll reach a wider audience of SBP-2 experts if you address the question to
that reflector.


Peter Johansson

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