Minutes of X3T10 MMC II Working Group - September 9 and 10

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Doc. No. X3T10/97-254R0
Date: September 9, 1997
Project: X3T10-1228D
Ref. Doc.: X3T10/94-057
Reply to: R. Roberts

To: Membership of X3T10
From: R. Reisch/R. Roberts
Subject: Minutes of X3T10 MMC II Working Group - September 9 and 10,

    1.0      Opening Remarks
    2.0      Introductions
    3.0      Document Distribution
    4.0      Call for Patents
    5.0      Approval of Agenda
    6.0      Meeting Agenda
         6.1 - SONY CD Text presentation 
         6.2 - Write 12 command 
         6.3 - Get Configuration Cmd
         6.4 - Joint Meeting with DISKBOYS & SPC2 WG  
         6.5 - MMC I comments
    7.0      New Business
    8.0      Review of Action Items
    9.0      Future Meeting Schedule
  10.0    Adjournment

1.0     Opening Remarks
Ron Roberts called the meeting to order at 9:00 AM on Tuesday 09/09/97.
He thanked Paul D. Aloisi of Unitrode for hosting the meetings. Ron
asked Mr. Rob Reisch of Kodak to act as recording secretary for the

This meeting has been authorized by NCITS T10 and will be conducted
under the NCITS rules. Ad hoc meetings take no final actions, but
prepare recommendations for approval by the NCITS task group.  The
voting rules for the meeting are those of the parent committee,
NCITS T10.  For the ad hoc, other than straw votes, there voting
rules are: one per participating company.

The minutes of this meeting will be posted to the Symbios T10 BBS,
the SCSI Reflector, the MMC Reflector, the DISKBOYS Reflector and
will be included in the next X3T10 committee mailing.

Attendance at a working group meeting does not count toward minimum
attendance requirements for X3T10 membership.  Working group meetings
are open to any person or company to attend and to express their opinion
in the subjects being discussed.

2.0     Introductions
Introductions of attendees were made and a sign-up sheet was
distributed. The following attendees were present during the
two days of meetings:
Name:             Company:          E-mail address:
Ron Roberts       Apple Computer    rkroberts at alo.com
Robert Reisch     Eastman Kodak     reisch at kodak.com
Rob Sims          Hewlett Packard   robsims at hootie.lvld.hp.com
Bill McFerrin     Philips           bill.mcferrin at na.km.philips.com
Devon Worrell     Western Digital   worrell at dt.wdc.com
Masayuki Yokoyama Sony              yokoyama at strg.sony.co.jp

3.0     Document Distribution
Ron Roberts distributed a hard copies of the following documents:
Write (12) command and Get Event/Status Notification command.

Masayuki Yokoyama distributed hard and soft copies of the document 
Proposal of ATAPI command set for supporting CD TEXT, file name 

Bill McFerrin distributed the soft document,Get Configuration, that had 
a file name "getcfg proposal.doc".

4.0     Call for Patents
The normal request for patent disclosures was made. No patents were 

5.0     Approval of Agenda
No modifications were made.

6.0      Meeting Agenda
6.1  - SONY CD Text presentation
Masayuki, presented a proposal for implementing CD Text within MMC II 
command set.  The results of the long discussion involved asking 
Masayuki to complete the following items.  

The proposal for CD text needs to include the reading 
and writing CD Text data.  Writing CD text must address the 
cue sheet and associated data type formats.  Reading CD text 
must address synchronization issues associated with reading 
CD text while playing.

6.2  - Write 12 command 
The group reviewed the Mt. Fuji 2,  Write 12 command. The bit 
description of EBP will follow the definition in SBC with a note 
about the C/DVD issues. 

6.3  - Get Configuration Cmd
Bill McFerrin presented his version of the get configuration command.
This command uses bits in the response data to define which commands
and mode pages are supported by the device.  Rob Sims and Devon  
Worrell strongly opposed this approach that conflicted with the 
Mt Fuji 2 command.  A vote on accepting this command will take 
place at the next meeting.

6.4  - Joint Meeting with DISKBOYS & SPC2 WG 
Pete Mclean presented the following four items:
    1. New device type for devices attached to SBP-2.
    2. Proposal so that SPC-2 accommodates new device type.
    3. Define other commands in device type document
    4. Help on isochronous.

Peter Johansson presented the following details about the new device 
    1. There will be one Mode page.
    2. Send diagnostics to be made optional
    3. Request sense to be made optional
    4. Inquiry to be made optional
This prompted a long and involved discussion that informed the SPC2 and 
MMC II groups concerning the approaches being taken by DISKBOYS.   
6.6  - MMC I comments
Janne Siren of Nokia Telecommunications pointed out two editorial issues 
in MMC I as follows:
1. In section 5.1, table 11 "CD Command Listing" incorrectly identifies 
SPC as the document with information concerning Seek(6) and Seek(10).
The correct document is SBC.
2. In the informative annex example cue sheet are not correct. In the 
example cue sheets lead-in and lead-out the data form should be 01 not 
Both items were accepted.
7.0       New Business

8.0       Review of Action Items
Masayuki Yokoyama of Sony will refine the CD Text proposal and present 
the results at the next meeting. Bill McFerrin will post directions and 
hotel information for the next meeting on the MMc reflector.

9.0      Future Meeting Schedule
Next meeting in  the Longmount,  October 6 and 7 at Philips.

10.0    Adjournment
The joint meeting adjourned at September 10, 1997.

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