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<<What I object to is the passwords and limitations on web distribution to
committee members only.  This is clearly an attempt to increase revenue by
forcing people to join committees to obtain drafts (or to pay NCITS for
them).  All of the work to enforce this revenue-generating effort will fall
on me and the other people who voluntarily maintain web sites.>>

I thought I was speaking AGAINST passwords by observing that the copyright
policy NCITS requests is compatible with the way we operate today.

I agree that overall harm to the industry will occur if we are forced to
adopt passwords and the like. Without wide distribution during their
formative periods, standards do not gain the broad support necessary to
insure their success.

<<Furthermore, these attempts to lock-up draft standards that volunteers
develop do not help the industry that pays the volunteer's salaries.>>

Just so...

<<I think a much better solution to NCITS revenue problems would be to reduce
the expense of operating NCITS (possibly by moving it to a less expensive
location) and by increasing service fees.  NCITS fees are among the lowest in
the standards business.>>

I am very apprehensive about this suggestion. I believe that the capitation
costs to participate in NCITS standards activities WOULD be eccessive if a
(perceived) lost revenue stream from publications had to be borne by members.
But perhaps this scenario is more extreme than whatever you have in mind,


Peter Johansson

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