Clarification of Web Distribution of Standards (Draft or Approved)

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As recently as the May '97 OMC meeting, I was assured that the NCITS
activities on obtaining valid copyrights were not intended to restrict
access to draft standards.  This 'clarification' flies in the face of that

I have no problem with the policy except for the proposed restrictions on
public access to our web, ftp, and bbs sites.

The storage industry benefits enormously from the unrestricted access to
T10 draft standards and internal proposals.  I believe that attempts to
restrict access to these documents are misguided.  Wide-availability and
easy access to our documents is good for our industry and ultimately
creates more demand for approved standards.

Revenue models that depend on locking up the crown jewels are archaic.  I
would much prefer paying higher service fees for the right to participate
on T10.  I realize that most other SDOs have similar revenue models.  NCITS
openness, until now, has made NCITS a unique and desirable venue to develop

Besides my philosophical concerns, I have many practical concerns.  T10
already operates a wide-open web site, ftp site, and BBS.  It is not a
trivial matter to install passwords and other security.  Is this
'clarification' locked in stone?  Or is it subject to review?  What is
considered adequate security?  Who is supposed to administer passwords?
Has a schedule been established regarding implementation of security?

While NCITS has not asked for input from the TCs, I am placing this topic
on the T10 agenda for next week.  Please regard this email as my personal


John Lohmeyer

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