Clarification of Web Distribution of Standards (Draft or Approved)

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I received this document from NCITS.  I am putting it on the T10 agenda for
consideration at the 9/11/97 meeting.  I am also responding individually to
NCITS in a separate email.



IT/97-0355  X O P

To:	NCITS Technical Committees
From:	NCITS Secretariat
Subject: 	Clarification of Web Distribution of Standards (Draft or Approved)
Date:	August 29, 1997

We permit distribution and copying without charge of both approved and 
draft standards to those participating in the development of those standards. 
Such distribution and copyring can be in print or by electronic means. Any 
other distribution requires agreement with the Secretariat, ANSI or ISO, for 
international projects.

This means that committee distribution through electronic means must be 
restricted to the membership by using electronic mail or Web, FTP or other 
softwareprotected at least with passwords.

In addition, none of us has the right to use an approved standard's 
designation (e.g., X3.132-1995 or IS 10999) in conjunction with text labeled 
"Draft."  This is clearly a misrepresentation of the status of the
document. In 
addition, it may create legal liability to whomever makes the 
misrepresentation from a user of the draft or the copyright owner of the 
approved document.

All NCITS drafts must carry the following notice:


This is a draft proposed American Nationa Standard. As such, this is not a 
completed standard. The Technical Committee may modify this document as 
a result of comments received during public review and its approval as a 

Permission is granted to members of NCITS, its technical committees, and 
their associated task groups to reproduce this document for the purposes of 
NCITS standardization activities without further permission, provided this 
notice is included.  All other rights are reserved. Any commercial or
reproduction is strictly prohibited.

Finally, NCITS has approved certain principles for us to incorporate into a 
formal copyright policy.  The policy is under development and will be 
distributed when available. 

The principles are the following:

1.  NCITS shall establish procedures that result in a valid copyright in its 

2. The copyright shall be held and administered by ITI on behalf of NCITS. 

3. Copyright of all works created during the standards process shall be
for NCITS's benefit. 

4. Pre-existing works shall be submitted with a non-exclusive license 
permitting the work to be used in the standard development process, 
incorporated into a final standard, published, and copies in any medium or 
form of the standard may be sold or given away at NCITS's discretion. 

5. TC participants may freely make copies of all works covered in 3 and 4 to 
carry out the standards development process but shall not make copies for 
any other purpose.

Further questions about the copyright policy should be addressed to Ken 
Zemrowski, PPC Chair, at ken.zemrowski at

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