Notify bit in SBP-2 ORBs, especially Management ORBs

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According to SBP-2:

The notify bit, if set to one, FORCES the target to return a
status in all conditions.

If the notify bit is set to zero, the target MAY return a
status if the command completes without error.  The target
MUST return a status if an error occurs.

These rules are true for all types of ORBs.


First, I question the usefulness of the notify bit, but I have
been convinced in the past that there may be devices for which
this might make sense, especially sequential devices that
always execute device commands in order.

I do call into question the viability of this for Management
commands.  Take the logout command.  If the host doesn't set
the notify bit, the target could choose not to return a status.
Hmm...  Did the "failed" status get lost, or was it not sent....

I don't think any driver writer will every code Management
commands without the notify bit set to one.  In fact, I would
prefer to mandate it.

I would like to propose that SBP-2 require that the notify bit
be set to one for all management commands.


I opened this can of worms, but how do the rest of you like the smell????

steve finch

PS:  I know this is late for next weeks meetings, but...

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