Draft Agenda of T10 Plenary Meeting #24

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Tue Oct 28 11:20:15 PST 1997

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At 03:14 AM 10/25/97 -0400, PJohansson at aol.com wrote:
><<8.21	Reduced Block Commands (RBC) {Project 1240-D} [Johansson]>>
>John, please switch the affiliation of RBC to Mike Bryan. I was editing
>1240-D when it was SCSI Transport via SBP-2, but that project has been
>transmogrified into Reduced Block Commands.

I've corrected the T10 Projects Database.  Since I've already sent the
draft minutes to Ralph, please remind him at the T10 meeting.  I assume
that Mike is willing to be the project editor...

><<10.2	Actions on Working Group Recommendations>>
>I believe that there will be a recommendation from the SBP-2 ad hoc that
>Revision 3 be balloted for first public review. Revision 3 (not yet produced
>by the editor) is expected to be substantially the same as the most recent
>revision available from the FTP site but with a) approved additions such as
>97-245r1 and b) minor editorial changes.
>If this is indeed the recommendation of the working group, do we need a
>separate agenda item? Or is it simply grouped under 10.2 above?

I think we can just include it in the SBP-2 project report.  We do not need
a motion to issue a letter ballot.  The NCITS rules allow the TC chair to
issue a letter ballot at his/her discretion.  A recommendation from the
SBP-2 working group is more than adequate for me.


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