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Hi Steve,

I agree with you.  I believe that STA should continue the "ICC"-like shows
in whatever (slightly) modified form.  It should be with discount to STA
members, and full price to non-members.  And if STA sposored it, it would
give SCSI more cloud.  I do not see any reason why Dataquest would not help
us with mailing lists, or whatecver.  Maybe, if they see interest coming
|from STA, they might resume it themselves, that would be just as good.


At 02:53 PM 10/27/97 -0600, you wrote:
>STA members:
>We would like to express agreement with Lynne Dolan's outline of STA's
goals and objectives with regard to 1998 Tradeshow participation.  We also
agree that perhaps marketing budgets would be more effectively spent at
other venues other than Comdex.  Specifically, the Data Storage Solution
Series formerly put on by Dataquest, when compared to Lynne's list of
objectives, offered an excellent value.  The shows were well organized, well
attended, and very targeted in terms of reaching the ultimate End-User.
Unfortunately, they don't exist any more in the United States, as Dataquest
has dropped the domestic shows for 1998.
>Therein lies our suggestion.  We propose that the STA investigate the
possibility of resurrecting the series of shows under STA organization and
>There are several reasons that come to mind in favor of the idea:
>1.  From our experience, they were the most effective trade show venues at
accomplishing our own sales and marketing efforts, as well as meeting
Lynne's list of STA objectives.
>2.  As far as building the image and stature of STA as a credible
representative of the SCSI industry, we can think of nothing better than to
be able to produce a semi-national series of successful trade shows.
>3.  The shows were regional, allowing more intimate interaction with the
customers than is possible at a national show such as Comdex.  Additionally,
the regional nature of the shows allowed engineers to attend, not just the
"suits with travel budgets".
>4.  By offering discounts to those participants who are STA members, other
companies would be encouraged to join.
>Many STA members are from companies also represented in the FCLC, and so
comparisons between the two organizations are unavoidable.  We believe that
the STA should not try to compete with FCLC in high-glitz marketing efforts,
but instead should concentrate on our own mission and being as effective at
it as possible.  FCLC's list of goals and objectives differs from ours, and
so our marketing success must be measured differently.  What trade show
venues are the most effective at achieving STA's objectives?  The domestic
Dataquest series definitely met many of the criteria listed in Lynne's e-mail.
>Normally, organizing a series of trade shows would be an expensive and
daunting task.  However, since Dataquest is no longer interested in hosting
them in the United States, it is conceivable that they would be willing to
provide STA with the formula and infrastructure (organizational check lists,
contacts, mailing lists, etc.).  Perhaps they would even allow STA to
produce the shows using the same name, or perhaps under the original "ICC"
name.  (For those who may not know, Dataquest still produces these shows
under the ICC name in Europe.)
>How do other member companies feel about the Dataquest Data Storage
Solution Series?  Any comments would be appreciated.
>Steven Bucher			Jan Mathiesen
>I-TECH Corp.			I-TECH Corp.

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