Draft Agenda of Fast-xx Study Group and SPI-2 Working Group

Mon Oct 27 12:27:15 PST 1997

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John & George,

I not agreeing or dis-agreeing with your statement below about case 4
hot plugging.

But, while reading section 10 of SPI-2 Rev 16, I noticed that
sections 10.4 d) & 10.4 e) are exactly the same, except that 10.4 e) 
has 1 more sentence at the end.  Is this a typo?


> *
> I have another addition to the SPI-2 agenda:
> 5.9	Proposal to remove section 10.5 from SPI-2 Rev 16 [Lohmeyer]
> To save you some time digging up the reference, section 10.5 deals with
> which drivers and receivers support case 4 hot plugging.  At the moment, it
> says all driver and receiver types support case 4 hot plugging except LVD
> and multimode.  I contend that all testing to date shows that these two
> types also work.  So we should not prohibit case 4 for LVD.
> John
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