Draft Agenda of T10 Plenary Meeting #24

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<<8.21	Reduced Block Commands (RBC) {Project 1240-D} [Johansson]>>

John, please switch the affiliation of RBC to Mike Bryan. I was editing
1240-D when it was SCSI Transport via SBP-2, but that project has been
transmogrified into Reduced Block Commands.

<<10.2	Actions on Working Group Recommendations>>

I believe that there will be a recommendation from the SBP-2 ad hoc that
Revision 3 be balloted for first public review. Revision 3 (not yet produced
by the editor) is expected to be substantially the same as the most recent
revision available from the FTP site but with a) approved additions such as
97-245r1 and b) minor editorial changes.

If this is indeed the recommendation of the working group, do we need a
separate agenda item? Or is it simply grouped under 10.2 above?

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