Draft Agenda of T10 Plenary Meeting #24

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                                                           T10/97-032 r1
Draft Agenda of T10 Plenary Meeting #24
November 6, 1997 -- Palm Springs, CA

1.	Opening Remarks
2.	Approval of Agenda
3.	Attendance and Membership
4.	Approval of Minutes - September Meeting Nashua, NH (T10/97-240r0)
5.	Document Distribution
6.	Call for Patents
7.	Review of Old Action Items
8.	Subgroup and/or Project Status Reports
8.1	Project Status Summary and NCITS/OMC Liaison [Lohmeyer]
8.2	T10.1 Task Group Report [Lamers]
8.3	SPI Amendment (SPIAmnd) {Project 0855-D} [Johansson/Lamers]
8.4	SCSI Common Access Method - 3 (CAM-3) Status {Project 990-D} [Dallas]
8.5	Serial Bus Protocol (SBP) Status {Project 992-D} [Roberts]
8.6	SCSI-3 Primary Commands (SPC) Status {Project 995-D} [Weber]
8.7	SCSI-3 Block Commands (SBC) Status {Project 996-D} [Milligan]
8.8	SCSI-3 Stream Commands (SSC) Status {Project 997-D} [Stephens]
8.9	SCSI-3 Medium Changer Commands (SMC) Status {Project 999-D} [Oetting]
8.10	Multimedia Command Set (MMC) Status {Project 1048-D} [Roberts]
8.11	SCSI Parallel Interface - 2 (SPI-2) {Project 1142-D} [Ham/Penokie]
8.12	SCSI Enhanced Parallel Interface (EPI) Technical Report {Project
1143-D} [Ham]
8.13	SCSI Fibre Channel Protocol - 2 (FCP-2) {Project 1144-D} [Snively]
8.14	Serial Bus Protocol - 2 (SBP-2) {Project 1155-D} [Johansson]
8.15	SCSI Architecture Model - 2 (SAM-2) {Project 1157-D} [Monia]
8.16	SCSI-3 Enclosure Commands (SES) {Project 1212-D} [Snively]
8.17	High Availability Profile (HAP) Technical Report {Project 1224-DT}
8.18	SCSI Controller Commands - 2 (SCC-2) {Project 1225-D} [Penokie]
8.19	Multimedia Command Set - 2 (MMC-2) Status {Project 1228-D} [Roberts]
8.20	SCSI Primary Commands - 2 (SPC-2) Status {Project 1236-D} [Weber]
8.21	Reduced Block Commands (RBC) {Project 1240-D} [Johansson]
8.22	SCSI Socket/SSL Services Command Set (SSS)  {Project 1246-D} [Parker]
9.	Old Business
9.1	Resolution of SSC Letter Ballot Comments (97-020r1) [Stephens]
9.2	Resolution of SCC-2 Letter Ballot Comments (97-31r0) [Penokie]
9.3	Approval of Contract Editor Quote and Invoice [Lamers]
9.4	Clarification of Web Distribution of Standards (Draft or Approved)
10.	New Business
10.1	T10 File Retention Policy
10.2	Actions on Working Group Recommendations
10.3	Project Proposal for SPI-3 (97-262) [Lamers]
10.4	SBP-2 Security Extensions (97-245r1) [Johansson]
11.	ISO
11.1	ISO Report [Milligan]
11.2	ISO Business [Milligan]
11.2.1	US TAG recommendation for DIS 15842, SCSI-2 common access - Method
transport and SCSI interface module
12.	Liaison Reports
12.1	T11 Liaison Report [Cummings]
12.2	T13 Liaison Report [Milligan]
12.3	SFF Industry Group [Allan]
12.4	IEEE 1394 [Johansson]
12.5	Copy Protection Technical Working Group (CPTWG) [Worrell]
12.6	IEEE P1285 Status
12.7	IEEE P1596.8 Status
12.8	SCSI Trade Association (STA) [Jones/Grantham]
13.	Review of Action Items
14.	Meeting Schedule
14.1	Authorization of Working Group Meetings
15.	Adjournment

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