FC-AL-3 Error SSWG Meeting Results

Jim Mcgrath jmcgrath at QNTM.COM
Tue Oct 21 17:03:16 PDT 1997

* From the T10 (formerly SCSI) Reflector (t10 at symbios.com), posted by:
* jmcgrath at qntm.com (Jim Mcgrath)
 After examining some issues with the current proposals, the following
 plan of action was adopted for the November and September Meetings.
 I have discussed this with Dal Allan, and based on the meeting and
 that conversation propose the following for the remainder of CY1997:
 11/4/97 (Tuesday) in the pm: tape working group in Palm Springs 
 (in conjunction with T10).
    Review of first draft of a error recovery proposal written
    as a submission to PLDA-2.  Basis will be the Crossroads
    class 3 proposal, although as usual other proposals/
    submission are welcome.  Key is to have it in the form
    of a submission for PLDA-2, which will make review and
    editorial inclusion easier.
    The PLDA document (revision 2.1, plda_21.pdf) and revised
    responses to the Public Review comments (97-237r1.pdf) are at
    ftp://ftp.dpt.com/t11/pub/fc/plda. (from Bob Kembel).
    Submissions should use that as a starting point.
    Criteria and presention dry run for the December meeting (see
    below).  Idea is to briefly go over the format, draft criteria,
    and allow any iniital presentations wih an eye towards making
    the December meeting more productive.
 12/2/97 (Tuesday) in the am: tape protion of the FCW meeting is
    devoted to making a policy decision on whether we with to
       1) have no error recovery profile/standard
       2) have one based on class 3 protocol
       3) have one based on class 2 protocol
       4) have two, one for each class
   The concept is to devise criteria (ease of quick implementation,
   extendability to devices other than tape, implementation burden
   on host adaptors, etc...), and then request presentations by the
   various proponents of each position, and then to take a vote that
   will bind the SSWG for its future work.
   I propose a dry run at the November meeting to both make December
   smoother, to get input from people who will not attend in
   December, and to get people to start thinking about this so a
   December meeting can come to a decisive stance.
 If people have any thoughs, either procedurally or in substance
 about the above, then please email the reflectors.
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