Next FC-AL-3 Error SSWG - 10/21/97

Jim Mcgrath jmcgrath at QNTM.COM
Fri Oct 17 17:32:41 PDT 1997

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     This is a notice that the FC-AL-3 (formerly FCL) Error SSWG will have
     its conference call at the usual time next Tuesday, October 21.
     The phone number is:
         1-800-403-2019 (US)
         1-423-673-6714 (international)
     The participant code is 672939
     This is an importnat meeting focused on the error recovery protocols
     requested by the tape community.  IT IS IMPORTNAT FOR TAPE AND FC
     We have two proposals before us - the "class 3" and "class 2"
     proposals.  At the last conference call we discussed forwarding
     the class 3 proposal to the working group for their consideration.
     At the working group come concersn were raised about the class 3
     proposal.  Hopefully the last week has given people time to address
     them - if so, a new draft would be appreciated.
     More importnatly, several people from the tape community talked to me
     at the meeting and expressed strong support for class 2, and no desire
     to forward a class three proposal.  We need to get everyone on the
     same page on this issue, and so I would like both sides to attend the
     conference call.
     Given that the working group also essentially shut down the FCL
     effort, replacing it with a FC-AL-3 effort that still needs
     definition, the SSWG at this point will be totally focused on this
     one issue (which is applicable for any FC-AL based standard) until
     the larger project issues are worked out (sometime in December or
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