SCSI-3 Block Commands(SBC)

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Sun Oct 12 19:26:29 PDT 1997

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Yes it certainly looks like an error to me. I believe Byte 6 should be 
reserved. By copy I am asking the Chair of T10 to add this "error" to the 
agenda of the next meeting for resolution.


To: gene milligan
From: Pat_Kiebach at @ INTERNET
Date: 10/09/97 10:08:11 AM PDT
Subject: SCSI-3 Block Commands(SBC)

Dear Mr. Milligan,

In section 6.1.2 of the dpANS SCSI-3 Block Commands(SBC), the LOCK UNLOCK
CACHE command CDB has a five byte LBA.  I suspect it may be an error as it
is not backwards compatible to SCSI-2.  I would be grateful if you could
let me know if this is indeed an error as I'm writing code which is
dependent upon the answer.

Thanks very much!

Patrick Kiebach


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