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Mon Oct 13 09:30:29 PDT 1997

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The next meeting of the SBP-2 and RBC working group will be held during 
T10 plenary week, November 3 and 4 at the Hyatt Regency Suites Palm 
Springs, 285 North Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, CA 92262, Tel. 619 
322-9000 or 800 233-1234.

The preliminary agenda follows.

X3T10 SBP-2 Ad hoc
X3T10 RBC Ad hoc

November 3-4, 1997

1. Opening remarks

2. Agenda

3. Review of minutes [T10/97-259R0] and old action items

4. Tailgate document [T13/1248D]
	4.1 Status

5. SBP-2 [T10/1155D]
	5.1 Bidirectional ORB for printers
	5.2 Editorial review (clauses 11 and 12)

6. Reduced Block Commands [T10/1240D]
	6.1 Review removable commands
	6.2 Editorial review

7. Review of action items

8. Call for patents

9. Meeting schedule

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