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I forgot to tell you all that if your favorite proposal is missing from one
of these lists and you are certain that the proposal was approved for SPC-2 
by T10, then you should send me info on the proposal (document number and 
meeting at which you think it was approved).  Thanks.  Ralph...

Based on the minutes of T10 plenary meetings since November 1996, I have
developed the following list of documents approved for inclusion in SPC-2:

96-198r4	New Task Management Models for SAM-2
96-214r0	Addition of Association field to the Device Identification Page
96-237r1	Obsolete Field Checking
96-263r0	Proposal for an Additional Persistent Reservation Type
96-270r2	Logical unit response to transciever change
96-277r2	Proposed Change in QErr for SPC-2
97-122r4	Addressing Model for SAM-2
97-140r0	Additional Device Types for ASC/ASCQs
97-142r1	Reserve/Release Issues
97-170r1	Additional Device Types for ASC/ASCQs for SCC-2
97-203r2	Warning/PFA ASC Reporting Selection
97-218r2	Review of Persistent Reservation
97-219r2	LUN discovery
97-234r1	SCCS Capabilities Bit in SPC-2
97-246r2	Persistent Reservations with Non-Unique Keys

In addition to the documents formally approved as making changes in SPC-2,
the following document approved by T10 effect changes in SPC-2:

97-101r2	IEEE Tutorial for SCSI use of IEEE company_id
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