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Wed Oct 8 13:08:01 PDT 1997

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Based on the minutes of T10 plenary meetings since November 1996, I have
developed the following list of documents approved for inclusion in SPC-2:

96-198r4	New Task Management Models for SAM-2
96-214r0	Addition of Association field to the Device Identification Page
96-237r1	Obsolete Field Checking
96-263r0	Proposal for an Additional Persistent Reservation Type
96-270r2	Logical unit response to transciever change
96-277r2	Proposed Change in QErr for SPC-2
97-122r4	Addressing Model for SAM-2
97-140r0	Additional Device Types for ASC/ASCQs
97-142r1	Reserve/Release Issues
97-170r1	Additional Device Types for ASC/ASCQs for SCC-2
97-203r2	Warning/PFA ASC Reporting Selection
97-218r2	Review of Persistent Reservation
97-219r2	LUN discovery
97-234r1	SCCS Capabilities Bit in SPC-2
97-246r2	Persistent Reservations with Non-Unique Keys

My congratulations to the T10 membership.  All the above documents are
available on the T10 FTP site, except 97-246r2.  The newest revision of
that document I can find is 97-246r1.  Thank you all for dotting the i's
and crossing the t's.

In addition to the documents formally approved as making changes in SPC-2,
the following document approved by T10 effect changes in SPC-2:

97-101r2	IEEE Tutorial for SCSI use of IEEE company_id
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