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  I've got a few questions I'd like to ask.  We're building a SCSI to SCSI
bridge that communicates via ATM.  One end is a target that accepts commands,
bundles them up and sends them over ATM to another unit that acts as an
initiator sending the command to the real target.  Results are sent back and
the command completes at the originating end.

  Firstly, we have defined for ourselves new sense values and would like some
guidance on what ASC and ASCQ values we should use.  Initially I chose to
'extend' the existing assignments e.g. "There is no Network Interface for the
Virtual Circuit" gives SENSE KEY 0x04, ASC 0x08, ASCQ 0x10.  However closer
study of the SCSI 3 documents recently aquired show that this may not be
correct.  Is there a formal route to having new ASC & ASCQ pairs registered
for consideration as standards?  If not am I correct in assuming that I
should use ASCQs in the range 0x80 to 0xFF to extend existing ASCs?

  Secondly, which document can I find information about the LOGICAL UNIT
RESET message?  In SIP rev10 there is a strong implication that it is
defined in SAM, yet I can find no reference in SAM rev18 to this message.

  Thirdly, I have also come across mention of the command REPORT LUNs, where
is this command documented?

  Thanks in Advance, Brian.
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