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The June meeting of Diskboys, the T10 SBP-2 ad hoc, and the T13 Tailgate 
ad hoc will be held June 16 and 17 at Western Digital Corporation, 8105 
Irvine Center Drive (the tower), Irvine, CA. For those of you familiar 
with WD, the meeting will be in the conference room off the cafeteria. 
Meetings will start at 9 AM both days.

X3T10 SBP-2 Ad hoc, X3T13 Tailgate Ad hoc, 
1394 Mass Storage Device Profile
June 16-17, 1997

1. Opening remarks

2. Charter

3. Agenda

4. Review of minutes [T10/97-191R0 T13/D97133R0] and old 
action items

5. SBP-2 [T10/1155D]
5.1 Review Isochronous issues
5.2 Printer issues
5.3 1 queue and 2 queue models
5.3 Schedule editorial review

6. Mass Storage Device Profile
6.1 Combining document with STS
6.2 Location of password
6.3 Unsolicited sattus proposal
6.4 Model number text string
6.5 C/DVD annex
6.2 Schedule editorial review

8. Tailgate document [T13/D97107]
8.1 Editorial review (Tuesday)

9. Review of action items

10. Call for patents

11. Meeting schedule

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