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(no no, not the silly things we all say on reflectors...)

I'll start by apologizing for spamming all reflectors... but I wanted
to be sure that it got to all interested parties. Please forward as

This message is for everyone who attended the February 1997 T11
meetings at the Red Lion in San Jose, and used their credit card for
meals, lodging, etc.

Apparently (this is from hastily scribbled notes) a major credit card
counterfeiting ring has been arrested in Oakland, by the FBI and Secret

One of the sources for credit card numbers was an employee of the Red
Lion in San Jose. That employee has been arrested and is no longer a
Red Lion employee.

My credit card number was found in the possession of the counterfeiters
by the Secret Service, who contacted my bank, who contacted me.

It occurs to me that we might all like to double check our statements,
on the chance that the Secret Service did not find all of the stolen
credit card numbers, or on the chance you do not have a 'full service
bank' ;-). I might suggest anyone who suspects their card may have been
used by these perps contact your bank or card provider ASAP.

If anyone thinks this non-technical message was inappropriate for
this/these reflector(s), please let me know.

thanks for reading, jeff

ps, Ironic Note: Apparently, one of the groups at the hotel that got
stung by this ring was a conference for police officers. The subject of
the conference was combatting fraud...

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