Call for low attenuation cables for Ultra 3++ SCSI

Tue May 20 12:24:56 PDT 1997

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Hi SCSI fans,

It has become quite apparent that the high frequency attenuation in the 
cable media is becoming a limiting factor as we take SCSI to higher data 
rates.  The SCSI physical working group committee presently has little
knowledge of the capabilities of the latest cable technology and would
like to understand what is possible in the way of very low attenuation 

At this point in the process the cost does not need to be rock bottom -- 
if significant relief from attenuation can be obtained by spending some 
$ this could be a good trade-off.

The next SCSI physical working group meeting will be in Colorado Springs
on July 14, 1997.  Folks who have relevant information are requested to
contact John Lohmeyer to obtain an agenda slot. 


Bill Ham,  Digital Equipment

John may be reached at John.Lohmeyer at
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