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Thu May 15 17:18:45 PDT 1997

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At the last meeting of T13 I was requested to post the NCITS documents on the 
X3T13 ftp site. Had I known that my version of Reflections does not copy 
directories to a ftp site I would have refused. But I agreed and I have 
uploaded the 1997 documents.

If anyone has a need for older documents, and they give me a ftp client that 
can copy directories and subdirectories I will be glad to upload my older X3 
documents. Otherwise I will tell you to go to the NCITS Secretariat with your 

If anyone has too much time please review the documents I uploaded and give us 
a brief synopsis.

For those not familiar with the T13 ftp site it is currently at After you reach that site drill down to 
pub/standards/x3t13/NCITSmlg and happy reading.

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