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Mon Mar 31 20:28:20 PST 1997

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I just went through some 1700 bounces from the SCSI reflector since
mid-February.  The people who bounced consistently will be removed just
after I send this message to the SCSI Reflector.  

grantham at               (no longer at Dallas Semi)
abarzin at
cgibson at
wenlin at
vzimmer at
kerickso at
yurf at
cnacsc at
hutch at
jmonterros at
stanforth at
brown at

If your name is on the list above and you wish to remain on the SCSI
reflector, please subscribe again by sending a message to
majordomo at with the following line in the message body:

subscribe scsi

If you know any of these people, please let them know they have been
removed and they can re-subscribe as described above.



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