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Here are a couple of minor clarifications of 155r1.txt.

In paragraph a.) I said: "If a tape command or data transfer
fails on the interconnect, the recovery requires more than simply
the reissuance of the command." This should be read in the context
of "If the current disk-oriented protocol is used, which requires
the reissuance of a new command as the recovery process, then
there is a problem for tape devices because:... "

In paragraph 4. I said: "This can be though of as an FCP ACK 1."
I was thinking in terms of "it's an acknowledgement of the
protocol data unit appropriate to the level of the protocol that's
doing the acknowledgement", which in this case is a sequence.
Another way of wording it would be to call it an ACK 0, but that's
also confusing. In the next version of this I think I'll just
say that it's a per-sequence acknowledgement and leave out any
reference to ACK 0 or ACK 1.

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