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If LOGIN is mandatory, then I think that QUERY LOGINS should be mandatory.
QUERY LOGINS is not a resource hog, and it is useful for a device that
wants to support both IEC1883 and SBP-2.

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> Date: Monday, 97 March 24 5:57 PM
> I'd like to offer the opinion the QUERY LOGINS should be optional within
> SBP-2 and leave it to command set profiles or individual device
> specifications to specify support.
> I have in mind transportable, single-user devices that have no security
> considerations. The user expects to exert control over the device by
> of having it in her physical possession. I am looking for bare-bones
SBP-2 to
> convey the commands. In this case, QUERY LOGINS doesn't add value. If the
> user is having trouble accessing the device, it may be unplugged and then
> reconnected.
> For other devices, e.g., disks, mandatory support for QUERY LOGINS is
> readily defended.
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