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Well, if she plugs it into her computer and someone else's computer sees
it and grabs it before she can tell her computer to grab it she is going
to be pretty upset and without QUERY LOGINS she's not going to know
who's got it.

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> I'd like to offer the opinion the QUERY LOGINS should be optional
> within
> SBP-2 and leave it to command set profiles or individual device
> specifications to specify support.
> I have in mind transportable, single-user devices that have no
> security
> considerations. The user expects to exert control over the device by
> virtue
> of having it in her physical possession. I am looking for bare-bones
> SBP-2 to
> convey the commands. In this case, QUERY LOGINS doesn't add value. If
> the
> user is having trouble accessing the device, it may be unplugged and
> then
> reconnected.
> For other devices, e.g., disks, mandatory support for QUERY LOGINS is
> more
> readily defended.
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