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Mon Mar 24 13:10:24 PST 1997

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John wrote among other things:

<I will be preparing a draft agenda and distributing it to the reflector
soon.  I think it is beyond the scope of the meeting to invent Fast-80 or
'Ultra3' (whatever Ultra3 means).  However, we will have to have some idea
of where we are going to judge the merit of Adaptec's proposal.

Since the meeting is only one day, I want to devote as much time as is
necessary to the question of symmetrical vs. asymmetrical.  We owe the
industry resolution of this question ASAP.  If any time remains, I want to
cover other SPI-2 issues, particularly those than can benefit from the
flock of physical experts I am expecting.  >

 I do not see how a proposal to change from asymmetrical drivers to symmetrical 
drivers due to limitations for Fast-80 can be decided without specifying the 
Fast-80 parameters (including coding).

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