Draft Minutes of SCSI Working Group Meeting - 3/11-12/97

Edward A. Gardner gardner at acm.org
Thu Mar 20 06:47:08 PST 1997

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> >Examples of host software that implements SCAM were presented.  
>  If this means commercial end user application available software I
> that they were alleged as opposed to identified which I presume
correlates to 
> presented. But it may have been a problem with my hearing. Perhaps the
> could be specific as to which software was presented. Certainly Jim
> strongly reported that he was aware of implimentors that would be upset
if SCAM 
> were not available. I don't recall him identifying any or identifying any

> software. Of course he may not be free to identify them and I only
intended to 
> question the aspect of the minutes that states that host software was

I suspect you're right that Jim McGrath didn't report any end user
software, but then I did and I recall some others doing so.  As I said at
the meeting, the HP Vectra XU 6/200 PC that sits on my desk, containing an
Adaptec AIC-7880 host adapter and (among other devices) a Quantum Fireball
disk drive, configures itself using SCAM very time I turn it on. 
Including, for example, this morning shortly before reading your message
and writing this response.  When shopping for this system, I looked at
comparable systems from Dell and Micron and others, all advertised that
they came with SCAM support (sometimes described as Plug and Play for

Incidentally, a more expensive configuration of my system comes with a
Seagate Barracuda disk, so I know Seagate's disks at least tolerate SCAM if
they don't actually implement it.

Systems that use SCAM are quite easy to find if you open your eyes/mind
enough to look for them, rather than deciding in advance the answer you
want.  Of course, I suppose you could respond that this is a system or
hardware, not the "user application available software" you say you're
looking for.  SCAM implementations are ubiquitous in SCSI BIOS's, but make
little or no sense for application level software.

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