Draft Minutes of SPI-2 Working Group - 3/10/97

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>8.    Proposed clarification to Fig. 24 [Ham]

>Bill Ham said that his data suggest that figure 24 should not be changed.
>Bill requested that this issue be dropped from the agenda.  John Lohmeyer
>expressed concern that an inconsistency exists if the figure is not changed.
>John and Bill discussed changes that should and should not be made to the
>figure.  The group agreed to review the figure again at the next meeting,
>after everybody has a chance to review the current proposed figure with their

 This should be clarified to refer to the May meeting, not the next meeting.

>9.    Issues with LVD [Harris]

>Norm Harris began his presentation with a review of the development of LVD
>SCSI.  The conclusion of Norm's presentation was that there are no
>demonstrable problems with LVD SCSI at 40 mega-transfers per second.  However,
>the same signaling technology cannot be run at faster transfer speeds, say 80
>mega-transfers per second, without some changes to signaling technology,
>device count, or maximum cable length.

 This omits the key observation of many of the attendees including myself and 
Bill Ham that this was a re-affirmation of the data reviewed and generally 
agreed to last year.

>The group agreed to consider the proposals in more detail during a SPI-2 
meeting scheduled for > April 18th in San Jose, CA.

 I certainly do not think there was any such agreement.  I know  I specifically 
objected to the meeting addressing SPI-2 proposals. I don't think any votes 
were taken and the minutes do not note any votes being taken. I recall that 
there was agreement that the meeting would only address test results and 
probably proposals for Ultra 3. Had there been a reversal of this agreement in 
the plenary I would have objected. 

 Please note that item 15 of the minutes conforms my recollection.

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