Draft Minutes of T10 Plenary Meeting #20 - 3/13/97

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Thu Mar 20 00:26:48 PST 1997

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> As the first person to discuss the motion, Gene Milligan moved that the 
motion to not include >SCAM in the named T10 projects be placed on the table.  
The motion to table passed 33:6.

 The gist is correct and may be sufficient however I think there should be two 
additions for clarity and to confirm the following of rules.

 The first item is optional and not to the rules: As the first person to speak 
in favor of the motion I gave an example of impediments to SCAM. The example 
was the popular use of the SCSI ID to avoid excessive power surges in systems 
which do not implement the START STOP command.

 The second item addresses the rules but may not be retrievable from memory: 
The motion was absolutely and definitely seconded but the minutes did not 
capture the seconder of the motion to place the main motion on the table.

>George Penokie moved that SPI be submitted to ISO.  Gene Milligan seconded the
>motion.  The motion passed 36:1:0:16=53.  Commenting on the reason for his no
>vote, George objected to the work he will have to do.

 This was not SPI. It was SIP.

>Gene Milligan moved that the IR be instructed to submit the SPI patent letter
>through the proper channels to ISO/IEC and that the IR also be instructed to
>supply a replacement patent statement for SPI to ISO/IEC.  John Lohmeyer
>seconded the motion.  The motion passed 36:0:0:17=53.

 Well maybe. But I think it would be clearer if it were the SCAM patent letter.

> Gene offered no reason for the lack of notice.  

 I was not being coy or secretive. A more even handed report would be that 
"Gene reported that he did not know why the host, Brazil, had not yet provided 
a meeting venue notice.

>Several other T10 events are also planned:

>Event                Date(s)              Location/contact
>-------------------- -------------------- --------------------------------
>SPI-2 Working Group  4/18/97              San Jose, CA / Norm Harris

 It was my understanding that this was an Ultra 3 working group. See item 15 of 
the SPI-2 working group minutes.

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