Draft Minutes of SCSI Working Group Meeting - 3/11-12/97

Gene Milligan Gene_Milligan at notes.seagate.com
Thu Mar 20 00:26:15 PST 1997

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> It was agreed that, if the concept introduced by Gary Stephens is needed, it 
can be added to >the mode page defined by Gerry Houlder in his proposal (see 
6.1 above). 

 I doubt if this was an agreement. It was a statement. But in any case 
Houlder's proposal has been completed and accepted. So even if it could have 
been, it wasn't, and it can not be now added.

 For the purpose of correcting the minutes, perhaps "can be" should be changed 
to "could be". But in any case Gerry declined to add it in the meeting which 
should be added to the minutes if the statement about what could have been but 
will not be is not deleted.

>Examples of host software that implements SCAM were presented.  

 If this means commercial end user application available software I thought 
that they were alleged as opposed to identified which I presume correlates to 
presented. But it may have been a problem with my hearing. Perhaps the minutes 
could be specific as to which software was presented. Certainly Jim McGrath 
strongly reported that he was aware of implimentors that would be upset if SCAM 
were not available. I don't recall him identifying any or identifying any 
software. Of course he may not be free to identify them and I only intended to 
question the aspect of the minutes that states that host software was presented.

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