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Dear Devil.

Actually, the 600M SSA actually was sold. It first shows up 
as a "internal transfer" (at a lower cost) between IBM SSD
and IBM's "platform" divisions like the RS/6000. The 600M
refers to "green dollar" revenue, not blue dollar (internal)

Additionally, people buy lots of things in addition to "storage"
They buy performance, Availability, footprint, etc. SSA actually
works quite well and probably helped IBM sell more system 
footprints than without it. 

Another "devilish" opinion 

Chris Wood

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Devil's Advocate says, 

Almost ALL of the $600 Million mentioned below is found on internal IBM
Material Transfers, NOT good old fashioned Purchase Orders that
represents incremental revenue - without SSA, IBM's drive slots would
have been filled with an 'it doesn't matter what interface' disk drives
- IBM's demand for storage extends well beyond an interface - as much as
some would like to believe that interfaces are 'sooo' important to
buyers, the fact is that people buy storage, not interfaces.  

1 petabyte?  So what?  Measuring the success or inferiority of an I/O
technology based on how many bytes have been sold under the I/O is
amusing, at best.  Think about this; it took about one work week for 1
petabyte to ship under an ATA hood, and it took about 5 weeks for 1
petabyte to ship under a SCSI hood.  Again, so what?

PS:  The devil also congratulates Bill Ham and John Shieble for thier
committment to technology and getting the job done.  Bill has been one
of the most valuable contributors of all time to parallel SCSI's
evolution and continued success.  Also, Bill and John have both been
extremely valuable with their efforts towards defining, editing, and
creating Fibre Channel Loop.  Thanks guys and keep up the good work!


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>Congratulations to all T10.1 Members,
>I would like to personnaly congratulate John Schieble (IBM) and Bill
>(DEC) for their commitment to technology and getting the job done on
>the SSA Standards. Others that made significant contributions to the
>process and should also be recognized include: Adge Hawges(IBM),
>Rolls (IBM), Larry Lamers (Adaptec), Neil Edmunds (Xyratex), Dave
>(Xyratex), Brad Kitson (VLSI) and Mark DeWilde (Pathlight). These
>individuals should be proud of themselves for creating, designing, and
>bringing to market a technology that earned over $600 million dollars
>1996 and will exceed a billion dollars in 1997.
>These individuals should be honered and offically recognized by their
>respective organizations.
>Another Note:
>IBM's lastest announcement on SSA, think about this:
>1 petabyte (I believe that's = 1,000,000,000,000,000) of disk storage
>in 1996.
>Thats approximately 250,000 4GB disk drives.
>Thats approximately 15,625 fully populated (16 disk drives) 7133
>Who knows how many chips, connectors, and adapters this represents.
>Not bad for an officially dead architecture that celebrated an Irish
>in May 1996.
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