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Tue Mar 18 13:25:57 PST 1997

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I have a question regarding the deferred error handling rules defined in SPC.  

>From SPC Revision 11, section 7.20.3:

If the task terminates with CHECK CONDITION status and 
the subsequent sense data returns a deferred error that task shall not 
have been executed. After the device server detects a deferred error 
condition, it shall return a deferred error according to the rules 
described below:

  a) If no external system intervention is necessary to recover a 
     deferred error, a deferred error indication shall not be posted 
     unless required by the error handling parameters of a MODE SELECT 
     command. The occurrence of the error may be logged if statistical 
     or error logging is supported;
  b) If it is possible to associate a deferred error with a causing 
     initiator and with a particular function or a particular subset of 
     data, and the error is either unrecovered or required to be reported 
     by the mode parameters, a deferred error indication shall be returned 
     to an application client on the causing initiator. If an application 
     client on an initiator other than the causing initiator attempts 
     access to the particular function or subset of data associated with 
     the deferred error, a BUSY status shall be returned to that 
     application client in response to the command attempting the access;

My question relates to the last sentence of the above excerpt.  Exactly what is 
meant by the term "particular function?"  Is this a generic term that can refer 
to any internal resource of the device server?
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