SCSI Reflector Monthly Reminder

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Sat Mar 15 02:30:01 PST 1997

* From the SCSI Reflector (scsi at, posted by:
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This is an automatic monthly posting to the SCSI Reflector.  If you receive
this message, it means that either you are subscribed to the SCSI Reflector
email list or you are on a re-reflector (probably set up and maintained by
someone in your company).

The SCSI Reflector is provided and maintained by Symbios Logic Inc.
(formerly NCR Microelectronics).  This reflector exists to discuss
SCSI technical issues and to disseminate SCSI standards-related
information (minutes, meeting notices, etc.).

The SCSI Reflector is not intended to carry commercial traffic.
People who post advertisements, job offers, etc. will be removed from
the reflector.

The SCSI Reflector uses the Majordomo package.  For those who are not
familar with Majordomo, here are few key features you should know:

To post to the SCSI Reflector, send your message to:

                     scsi at

To subscribe or unsubscribe, send a message to:

                     majordomo at

The subject line is ignored.  The message body should contain a line like:

subscribe scsi
subscribe scsi me at
unsubscribe scsi
unsubscribe scsi me at

The first and third lines are usually faster because Majordomo gets your
email address from the email headers.  The second and fourth lines will
take longer because your request has to be sent to the list owner for
approval.  You may need to use these slower forms if your mailer does not
plug a valid return address in the From: header.  If you have forgotten
what email address you used to join the SCSI Reflector, send the following
command to majordomo at

who scsi

It will return the entire SCSI Reflector list -- you can search it however
you like.

If you would like more information on Majordomo, send a message to
majordomo at and include one or both of the following lines
in the message body:

info scsi

The old address scsi-request at now returns a help file to
tell people how to subscribe using Majordomo.  The new address,
scsi-owner at, is an alias for the owner of the scsi list.
Depending on your mailer, you may see this address as the poster of all
SCSI Reflector messages.  The actual poster's address will be automatically
placed in the front of the message body.

About Replys:

The reply command on most people's mailers may not do what you expect.
It will probably send the reply message to scsi-owner at  This is
an email account that mostly collects bounce reports.  The message may
get looked at eventually and it might even get forwarded on to the SCSI
reflector list.  Maybe.  It is much better if you make sure to use the
correct address in your reply (scsi at or the poster's address
|from the beginning of the message).

If you have any problems with the SCSI reflector, please send a message to:

 john.lohmeyer at    (will go to John Lohmeyer)


 majordomo-owner at  (will go to Quentin Antrim, email Guru
                               for Symbios Logic)

Additional information sources about SCSI:

ftp: /pub/standards/io/*


BBS:   SCSI BBS 1-719-533-7950

News:  comp.periphs.scsi


* For SCSI Reflector information, send a message with
* 'info scsi' (no quotes) in the message body to majordomo at

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