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I would like to verify something about Data Transfer Elements.

Reading the section on Medium-changer devices in the SCSI-II 
specification (X3T9.2/375R revision 10L, 7-SEP-93), I came
across the following quote: Data transfer element descriptor


   The SCSI bus address field, if valid, provides the SCSI address 
   (binary representation) of the primary device served by the medium 
   changer at this element address.


My question is, what is "binary representation"?  I initially thought 
this to be SCSI-ID #3 yielding 08h, rather than 03h.  However, for a 
device supporting 16 bits, this byte is not sufficient.  So, I now 
assume the intent was for SCSI-ID #3 to yield 03h.

Is this correct?


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