SCSI Transport via SBP-2

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Tue Mar 11 21:21:17 PST 1997

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The first working draft of a new document, SCSI Transport via SBP-2, is now
available at the T10 FTP site,

For both friend and foe alike of TLA's, it seems inevitable that this becomes
known as STS. The portable document file is STS_r01.pdf.

In case you haven't been following T10 meeting minutes, STS is an explanation
of how SBP-2 facilities may be used to implement peripherals that comply with
the SCSI family of standards when the interconnect medium is 1394.

Please review the document. I would like to conduct initial "review sessions"
and collect comments via the reflector----and switch to a live forum only
after we have advanced as far as we can go with EMail. I think this has a
chance to succeed because this is a VERY short document.


Peter Johansson
STS Technical Editor

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