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>Date:		March 10, 1997
>Date Due:	June 10, 1997
>Ref. Docs:	X3/96-0699
>Reply to:	Jennifer T. Garner
>Phone:	(202) 626-5737
>email:	jgarner at itic.nw.dc.us
>	OF T10
>From:		Jennifer Garner, NCITS Secretariat
>Subject:	SECOND CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS - Chairman T10, 
>		Lower Level Interface
>The term of office of the T10 Chairman will expire in June 1997.  In order to
>allow all members of T10 an opportunity to serve in this capacity, a call for
>volunteers was issued from December 10, 1996, to February 21, 1997.  There
>no response to the first call.
>This second call for volunteers is being issued and will close June 10, 1997.
>Any member of the NCITS Subgroup is welcome to volunteer to serve.  Before
>considers doing so, however, the commitment in time and responsibilities
>should be considered.  Officers must actively support the administrative
>structure that ensures due process to all participants, assists in reaching
>consensus and protects the accreditation of the entire system.
>The X3/SD-2, Organization, Rules and Procedures of X3, generally describes
>officers' responsibilities, and a more detailed list of duties has been
>compiled in the X3/SD-8, Officers' Reference Manual.
>Those willing to make this commitment must submit three written statements in
>support of their candidacy:  
>1.	A one-page statement of experience, indicating the volunteer's 	expertise
>in the subgroup's program of work, voluntary 	standards efforts, committee
>experience and leadership 	abilities (to be forwarded to the NCITS Subgroup
>for an 
>	advisory ballot if there is more than one candidate). 
>2.	A statement of management support for a three-year term on 	company
>letterhead acknowledging the additional workload, 	financial resources and
>duties required of an officer over and 	above that of a technical
>	The statement of management support for the three-year term 	is a good faith
>commitment, not a legal binding commitment.  If 	future circumstances require
>the applicant to resign from the 	office before the term has been fulfilled,
>this will be accepted 	without prejudice.
>3.	A statement as to whether or not the candidate is a 	representative of a
>U.S. domiciled organization.
>Any supplemental materials will be forwarded along with the advisory
ballot to
>OMC, which appoints all NCITS Subgroup officers.  The statements from
>candidates wishing to serve in the above referenced position on the NCITS
>Subgroup should be sent to the attention of Jennifer Garner no later than
>10, 1997.
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