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Fri Mar 7 08:37:50 PST 1997

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X3T10 folks,

I last discussed SCSI security issues with people at the November 1995
meeting.  Things may have changed, but a significant concern with my
discussion was:

* How does a low-cost network-attached peripheral reliably ascertain
  whether it should be adhering to any policy and, if so, what the
  policy is.

Goals expressed by some people, who were thinking of low-cost commodity
peripherals, included that there should be no need for a vendor to have
to worry about configuration even when
* a peripheral is sent to a customer,
* the peripheral is returned and put into a spares depot,
* the peripheral is delivered to a new customer.

(These would be nice goals for high-cost peripherals also but,
realistically, configuration costs are more acceptable at the high end.)

SSL does not solve such problems (though it provides an capability
that simplifies implementing solutions).

If such features are to work identically for peripherals from multiple
vendors, it would seem some standard(s) should specify how.  If X3T10
intends to work on this issue, the Socket/SSL proposal may or may not
be the right project.

-- Lansing Sloan

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